The experiences available to ABI through 40 years of participation in several desalination projects, of capacities between 10 to 100 000 m³ per day, cover the planning and execution of some hundreds of plants most of them were delivered on turnkey basis. It was not a rarity that the scope of services constitutes, besides the desalination unit, also the boiler and/or the power plant in a single or dual purpose water treatment complex.
These plants are running according to the well known evaporation or membrane desalination systems including:

  • Multi-Stage Flash evaporation MSF
  • Multiple Effect Evaporation MED
  • Mechanical Vapor Compression MVC
  • Thermal Vapor Compression TVC
  • Horisontal Tube Evaporation HTE
  • Plate Evaporation PLE
Our experience comprises the development, planning, engineering and execution of several desalination projects for treating raw-water with qualities varying between brackish water (1000 ppm salinity), sea water (35000 - 45000 ppm), and up to oil polluted waste water (100 000 ppm salinity) while producing either drinking water or high purity distillate of boiler feed water quality.